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This demo allows you to create an edible analogue of a carbonaceous asteroid akin to the Moons of Mars or the parent of the carbonaceous meteorites. This simple demo has the wow factor and is suitable for both family shows and is a good finale for a space-themed masterclasses. This demo is successfully delivered as part of University of Leicester open days and planetary science outreach programme. In addition it is delivered during family shows and events at the National Space Centre, Leicester.

Download Asteroid Ice Cream instructions.
Download an allergy list for Asteroid Ice Cream (you will need to update this list if substituting any of the ingredients and brands)
Download accompanying images for the activity.

I have made an instructional video on how to make Asteroid Ice Cream. This was filmed during an A-Level planetary geology masterclass for the 2013 Astrobiology Summer Academy at the UK Centre for Astrobiology.

This activity was developed with funding from a UK Space Agency Space for All grant 2012/13.