Compressed air rockets

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This activity uses a compressed air rocket launcher that can be made at home out of common plumbing parts. The students will create rockets with different shaped fins and cones. This activity can be used in a number of ways – younger students can decorate / pain their rockets prior to launch, KS3 students could experiment to see how far different shaped fins can launch a rocket under the same launch pressure and launch angle. KS4-5 students could use the experiment to apply SUVAT equations by taking measurements of their launch.

Instructions to build and launch paper rockets with a compressed air rocket launcher.

Instructions to build a compressed air rocket launcher and how to apply SUVAT equations to this activity can be found in:
Rønningen JE, Vestnes F, Sheth R, Råken M (2012) Sky-high science: building
rockets at school. Science in School 22: 36-41.

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CO2 Levels Activity

A test tube rack with tubes showing Bromothymol blue indicator solution colours at different pH

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This activity has been adapted from resources created for the Space Academy Applied Sciences KS3 masterclass. In this activity students investigate the CO2 concentration of three different samples and try to identify their source. The context of the experiment can be linked to either planetary/exoplanetary atmospheres, or to climate change.

Download the instructions for CO2 Levels Activity

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Mars Timeline

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I developed this image analysis activity for KS3-5 based on geology/geography for delivery on my Mars in a Box workshop – a Mars-related extension to the Solar System in a Box workshop.

In this activity students study real satellite images of the Mars surface – taken from Google Mars and ESA Mars Express.  Using these images students can unravel the sequence of geological events in two different Mars locations.

Download the instructions for Mars Timeline
Download activity images for Mars Timeline
Download a copy of the presentation slides for Mars Timeline

This activity was developed with funding from a UKSA Space for All Grant 2012/2013

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