Flying Teabag

Using energy transfer to make a teabag fly

January 30, 2013 | Posted in Educational Resources, Experiments | By

This quick and simple experiment demonstrates how energy transfer (convection) can be used to make a teabag fly. I have run this activity in school workshops with students KS1-KS5 (younger students requiring supervision throughout). This activity has also been run in a science festival environment during the 2013 BBC Star Gazing Live East Midlands Event and the Leicester NASA Apps Challenge. During a festival setting extra precautions must be taken as to where the stand is set up, to prevent encounters with drafts/air currents.

Download instructions for Flying Teabag experiment
Download Flying Teabag images to accompany the experiment.

The flying teabag demonstration was filmed during the Leicester NASA Space Apps Challenge 2013:

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Spectroscopy Activities

January 20, 2013 | Posted in Educational Resources, Experiments | By

I have outlined 4 simple activities that can be used to demonstrate the principles of the electromagnetic spectrum and spectroscopy.  Applications can include environmental, Earth observation and spectroscopy on other planets! Separate instructions will be uploaded at a later date on how to create a Near Infra Red camera.

Download instructions for Spectroscopy Activities
Download Spectroscopy images to accompany the experiments
Download X-ray activity images

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The Environmental Effects of Carbon Dioxide

What do we look like in the thermal infra red?

January 15, 2013 | Posted in Demonstrations, Educational Resources, Experiments | By

The following experiments and demos investigate the effect of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide in

i) our atmosphere
In this demonstration, the basics of the electromagnetic spectrum are first covered followed by a demonstration of the thermal infra red. The final demo shows the effect that the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide has on our atmosphere as it absorbs thermal infra red radiation.
Download the carbon dioxide atmosphere demonstration instructions
Download accompanying images for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere demo

ii) our oceans
Under supervision, students (or the public) can conduct this experiment on ocean acidification.
Download instructions for the ocean acidification experiment.
Download accompanying images for ocean acidification experiment.

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